Misc : 2x32KB Eprom Adapter

2x32KB Eprom adapter

A lot of old equipment still uses Eproms to accommodate, for example, a driver or operating system.
For many of those retro equipment, improved or alternative versions of those firmwares or drivers have often been released, which may or may not offer more or different functionality.
Unfortunately, it is not really easy to have, for example, 2 versions of a ROM in a system.
From now on it will be a bit easier with this adapter, which makes it possible to replace a 27C256 (32KB) Eprom with a 27C512 (64KB) which is then split into 2 banks of 32KB.
These 2 banks therefore provide space for, for example, the original firmware and an alternative version next to each other.
Switching between those 2 banks is done by means of a jumper, or if you want to switch regularly, this can also be done by means of a switch.

Eprom adapter for 2x32KB banks

2x32KB bank switching adapter

Application 2x32KB bank switching Eprom Adapter

For many systems that depended on Eproms to access data, these types of adapters would offer a solution.
A number of applications:

Samplers and drum computers, instead of 1 bank of sounds per ROM you can now store 2x32KB banks in the same place.
Commodore C128, the option rom is 32 KB, with this adapter you have 2x32KB banks.
Controllers, many scsi / ide controllers have a 27C256 as Bios, with this adapter you can house 2 rom versions.

Anyway, too many applications to list them all.

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