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30,00 Euro 15Khz VGA Monitor tester, with on/off switch in a newly designed 3D printed housing.

15Khz VGA Monitor Tester

15Khz VGA Monitor Tester (Inside view)

15Khz VGA Monitor Tester, Introduction.

If, like me, you would like to have a VGA monitor that supports 15Khz modes (OA Amiga and Atari) then you can generate a test image at 15Khz with this device.
There are various lists in circulation with 15Khz capable monitors, unfortunately they are not always accurate or very specific type xxx from year yyyy starting with serial number ZZZ.
Just try to keep up with that, well after taking home a monitor on the gamble quite a few times that doesn't work, I now have the perfect test tool.

15Khz VGA Monitor Tester, how to use.

If you visit a thrift store or second-hand shop, put this tool in your pocket.
If you see a monitor to your liking, connect it to the VGA cable and switch it on using the switch.
After about 5 seconds, either a test image or an error message appears that the signal is outside the specifications of the monitor.
Not a euro spent for nothing and almost no effort to come to a good purchase.

The picture shows my Own Eizo, which supports the 15Khz modes perfectly, except for a small protesting message 🙂


15Khz VGA Monitor Tester (Test Pattern Screen)

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15Khz VGA Monitor Tester
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 by D.X.M

This item is a MUST HAVE. It simplifies a lot my life, not needed anymore to bring my Amiga 500 everywhere to test a potential compatible monitor.

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