Slider 03 : Commodore 64 PowerSaver

The Commodore 64 Powersaver protects your C64 against overvoltage problems. In many cases, the old C64 power supplies have to contend with stability problems. This Power saver is ideal to protect your C64 against (too) high voltage.

Slider 15 : Tapecart SD for the C64

The Tapecart SD for the Commodore 64 This device combines unbelievable loading speed with (almost) unlimited storage capacity. Storage on an SD card, faster than almost any solution out there for the C64

Slider 12 : Diagnostic Rom V1.21 for Amiga *

Amiga DiagRom 1.21 by John Hertell, 16 Bit, Single Rom for Amiga 500/500 Plus, 600 and 2000 Replace the kickstart ROM in your Amiga with this Diagnostic ROM and you can run your Amiga through a self-test program. Even Amigas that no longer display an image can still generate a test...

Slider 11 : PS/2 Mouse interface for Amiga / Atari family of Computers

PS/2 mouse interface This interface is plugged into your Amiga or Atari via a DB 9 plug, the PS/2 mouse is plugged into the PS/2 connector on the other side of the interface. (Compatible with all Amigas and Atari ST / TT / Falcon).

Slider 09 : Epyx Fastload Cartridge for the Commodore 64 (Repro)

Speed ​​up disk access with the Epyx Fastload Cartridge , for the Commodore  64 / 128 Average load speeds overview: Normal C64 Load time: 500 bytes per second Epyx Fastload (SD2IEC): 8000 bytes per second

Slider 14 : Kickstart Switch for the Amiga 500/600/2000

This buffered Kickstart switch is intended for the Amigas of the type 500 / 500+ / 600 / 2000. and allows you to use Kickstart 2.05 or 3.1 in addition to Kickstart 1.3, for example. Dit interface replaces your current Kickstart ROM and can contain 2 to 4 different Kickstart...

Slider 06 : Amiga 500 Classic 512KB Memory Expansion

this 512KB Memory Expansion is based on the classic Commodore model, the A501. It is a rather free interpretation of the A501memory Expansion , with socketed ram building blocks from the same period as the Amiga 500.

Slider 02 : Gray Gotek Floppy Drive with Rotary Encoder

Gotek Floppy Drive with Rotary Encoder The rotary encoder has another handy feature besides scrolling through images: By pressing the rotary button, a virtual floppy disk can be loaded or ejected. The Load / Eject Function is only available on Gotek drives with a Rotary Encoder.

Slider 04 : Varta battery replacement Module

Varta battery replacement Module The Amiga has relied heavily on Varta batteries in its career, which turned out to have been a rather disastrous Decision years later. Leaking batteries, corroding motherboards, damaged components beyond repair. Therefore, replace your battery with a Button cell PCB this cell is not recharged but is safe...

Slider 10 : Gotek External Interface for Amiga

Gotek external Interface To be able to use a Gotek externally to your Commodore Amiga. The drive will be available as DF1: on your amiga 500 and Amiga 500+ when connected to the external floppy port. For the Amiga 2000 the Gotek drive is automatically available as DF2:
Besides Gotek Floppydrive emulators you can also find a lot of other Retro add-ons (Memory Expansions, Gotek External Interfaces, IDE Interfaces, Kickstart switches en Bootselectors) for Amiga, Atari, MSX and other computers.